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leverage your company’s
management processes
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Our Services

MxGateway is a tool designed by
MxSolutions to manage your
company’s information flow.
With MxGateway you can:


Control what the employees receive and send via email

Confidential e-mails will be
monitored so it won’t be shared with unathorized

Limits the Usage Hours of the emails

Blocks email use after an
specific time. You can customize
this functionality by user or group of users.

Avoids abusive email use in your company

Emails are important, but not all emails arriving to the mailboxes of your team are business related. MxSolutions limits the use of the company’s email, saving IT resources to what really matters.

Receive the copies of your employees’ emails

Either to analyze content, or for auditing purposes, all employee
selected to be part of this screening will be monitored.

Save time on email management

MxGateway automates everything, just customize
the rules that fit your needs, and
it will optimize your management time.

Send emails with more than<br /> 50MB attachments

Some areas of your company works with large files, but most email providers will allow delivery of these emails. With MxGateway, the recipient will receive a link, without any blocking.

And the MxGateway can also:


Adapt to any business

Domain, groups or even individual user profiles can be segmented on the use of resources, obtaining a more assertive investment and information traffic distribution of your system.

Cloud or on premise – you choose

We offer MxGateway Cloud based or in a local server, inside your company. We strongly recommend the cloud option, offering more security, sustainability and economy.

Why MxGateway

The MxGateway, emails management system, offers a series of solutions to address a lot of the company needs – with full integration with email solutions such as Zimbra, Exchange, Google Apps, Postfix, Office 365 and more.


You only need to choose which tools are suitable for your business among all available, activating or de-activating any of them as needed.

Become a partner

MxGateway is a solution that adds functionalities to the email platform that you offer to your clients, generating extra revenue and retention. You, as an ISP, can add MxGateway to your email platform and watch your revenues (and customer satisfaction) skyrocket.


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