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Become a MxGateway reseller and increase your sales.

The MxGateway adds more benefits to the email system that you are currently offering, leveraging your products functionalities to your products and improving your revenues.
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Control the email information flow and improve the management processes of your clients.

Ask your clients if they are aware of this:

Unauthorized emails to your competitors can directly affect your business.

With the MxGateway, the IT team controls in real time the inbound and outbound email flow, aloowing them to quickly identify where the threat comes from – solving it in a fast and secure way.

This question work as a sales pitch, because offering a good email platform will not be enough if you can’t control and monitor what’s happening in it.

With full integration with Zimbra, Office365, Exchange, Google Apps, Postfix and other email platforms, you can offer a complete suite of email information flow control to your clients.

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