Control the email information traffic and leverage the management processes of your company


MxGateway is an email information traffic management tool for companies and ISPs, where you can have real time email use control.

With MxGateway you will finally understand the real use of your company’s information exchange system – who misuses it, who needs extra resources, who doesn’t need all functionalities – and manage the resources according to each employee profile.

Why should you do this?

Only managing properly this valuable tool, your company will save resources and focus on results. When a person sends information and files inadvertedly, she/he is slowing down important files and messages, causing negative impact on your business.


The MxGateway can also help to identify occasional incidents that may happen in each employee’s email flow. You are aware exactly on where the problem comes from, and your IT team will be able to fix it quickly, minimizing the company downtime.


Signature Auto

Fraud avoidance on email senders, blocking names and positions exchange.


Block List

Automatic exclusion of emails that match specific pre-configured criteria.


Attachment Block

Automatic exclusion or redirecting to quarantine of attachments in emails that match specific pre-configured criteria. For example, files with inappropriate extensions, or inappropriate to the company environment.

Permitted Recipients

Sets to which domains your company can send emails to. If you have clients with products or services from the same industry, you don’t want to risk inappropriate information exchange among them, right? You can prevent this crating rules that an employee can only send emails to his/her clients.



Restricted Delivery

Sets which domains can send emails to your company. Similar to the permitted recipients rule, prevents inappropriate information exchange where your employee can only receive emails from his/her clients.



Send as personal

When you need to send the same email to several people, every recipient will receive an email as if it was sent only to him/her.

Usage Hours

Blocks email use after a pre-determined time. You can configure this rule by user or group.



Email Size Limiter

If a company section do not have any reason to receive large attachments, why allow to overload your network? You can create rules to every section or even every employee, where you limit the size of the received emails.



BCC Policy

Block the use of blind copies by employees or groups.


Email Address Protection

Avoids the tracking of C-level and other employees, by “hiding” the email address, ensuring their privacy. Another advantage is that the company’s CEO, for example, can be copied in all emails regarding certain subjects without access of his/her address from any recipient.




Emails that match certain criteria will be redirect to a pre-determined account. Very useful to audit all content from a specific employee.





Can be used to send important messages, like marketing products/ services. You can change it whenever it is necessary.


External Anti-spam

Allows the integration between MxGateway and external antispam solutions, ensuring a higher security level.



ClamAV Antivirus

Scans and checks viruses in the email flow, removing to an automatic quarantine the infected hardware, till it is fully checked by the IT team.


Backup Copy

Backup of emails that meet certain pre-configured criteria, redirecting to a predefined email account. If you can’t loose emails from a certain employee for auditing purposes, use this app.


Read Once

Send an email that can be read only once, ensuring the security of confidential or sensitive information.



Secure Email

To access the message, you will need to use a login and password provided by the sender.


Content Auditing

You can order an auditing and/or create a rule if pre-determined keywords are used into the content of emails sent. Optionally, you can block this email.



Sender/ Recipient Auditing

You can create a rule where the section manager will be copied in case emails are sent to a determined person or domain.



BCC Usage

If anyone sends a blind copy to a determined group, you will be informed.


Reply Timeout

The MxGateway will send you an email after a determined period, reminding you that a specific recipient did not answer your email.


Enhanced BCC

Even if the recipient doesn’t reply an email to all, everybody in BCC will receive the content.



Hero Attach

You can configure the maximum size of attached annexes by email that leaves your server. If a larger attachment is sent, the email is sent using the MxGateway.


Attachment Track

You will be notified when attachments from an email that you sent were opened by the recipient.



In the Traffic Report, you can check the email flow (in and out), ordered by date or file size. In the Threat Report, you can check in real time if something is not compliant with the standard settings, identifying potential viruses or spams.



In the From/To Report you can identify if an email were sent to certain domains, groups or people, by date, subject and the sender of the email.

Technical Information

The MxGateway can be integrated with the most popular email solutions:


On Premise

You can integrate the MxGateway with Exchange or Postfix in your own infrastructure. With MS Exchange, you can connect using the SMTP connector. With Postfix, the connection is made via SMTP proxy, using the master.cf file. The emails outbound can be configured using the relay_host attribute.


You can integrate the MxGateway with Office365 with no need to change your MX configurations. Using the MxGateway rules into Office365, is possible to configure all inbound and outbound email flow with no need to change any DNS register.

Google Apps has a native integration with external email providers. With the MxGateway, the configuration process is separated by the inbound and outbound email flow e can be configured directly in the google Apps control panel.

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The MxGateway is a solution that will add extra functionalities to the email platform that you service your clients, adding extra revenue and customer lock in. You, as a provider, can integrate MxGateway with your email platform and watch your sales (and customer satisfaction), skyrocket.


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